Profile Picture - Joseph Remy, Jr.
Hello. Welcome to my website!

I'm Joseph Remy, Jr.

Software Developer, Leader, Hobbyist

From startups and independent contracting to university research and federal laboratories, I never stop learning and exploring new opportunities.

  • Age
  • School
    Northern Arizona University
  • In School
    Till May 10, 2019
  • Degree
    Computer Science
  • Location
    Flagstaff, Arizona, USA
  • Work
    Studio 5 USA
  • Time
    Contracted since January 2015
  • Position
    Web Developer

This website is currently getting worked on!
Please be patient as this website continues to change.

Coming Soon - Current Updates

I will update this section as new features appear. The website will continue evolve as I work on building it. Changes are happening frequently!

List of Website To-do's:

  • Continue building cards and pages
  • Start on theming and color palettes
  • Find notable projects to showcase
  • Continue to make the site user friendly and browser compatibile regardless of platform
  • Continue use as few of libraries as possible (current count: 1, jQuery)